Avail the best quality Shrink Film, Tarpaulin Covers, Separation Membrane, Tarpaulin Sheet, Plastic Tarpaulin Sheet etc. from an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company.

About Us And Our Certifications

Strong, durable, moldable and lightweight, plastics are widely used in innumerable products to add comfort, safety and convenience to our lives. However, in this cut-throat competition, many companies forget to be true to their customers in the race of making more profits. But, we, Kashyap Unitex Corporation are different from others, as we work for achieving highest level of client satisfaction by offering them a quality approved plastic products; ranging from Separation Membrane Plastic Sheet to Plastic Tarpaulin; Waterproof HDPE Tarpaulin to Backer Rod and Mulching Film to Plastic Sleeve are to name a few. Being true to our nature of business of manufacturer, we have gained accreditation from SSI unit under Central Government store purchase program in single point registration scheme with NSIC. Apart from this, we are also registered with MSME Company and earned ISO 9001:2008 certification for unmatched quality of our Shrink Film, Construction Plastic Concrete, HDPE Tarpaulin Sheet, Pond Liners, Plastic Tarpaulin Sheet, Geo Membranes,Polythene Plastic Tent,Sleeve for Dowel Bar  etc.

Commitment to Quality

In order to succeed in the domain, we, Kashyap Unitex Corporation, pay stringent attention to even the minute details of the processes we carry out. For this reason; we are able to maintain the quality standards of our product-line. Besides, we also conduct various tests over our produced goods for ensuring these are made in compliance with international quality standards. 
  • Carbon Black Content Test: For performing this test, we have Carbon Black Content Tester in our quality checking laboratory and it is used for testing the carbon percentage present in the plastic material. 
  • Density Test: As the name implies, this test is performed to determine the density of the material.
  • Tensile Testing Machine: We use tensile testing machine for measuring the withstanding force capacity and for determining the extent to which the material can stretch before reaching its breaking point.
  • Opacity Tester: This instrument is used for determining the optical characteristic of plastic. Such characteristics may include general appearance, color and clarity.
  • Lab Micrometer: Lab micrometer is an instrument that we use to measure the thickness of the material with an accuracy of 0.001mm.
Client Satisfaction

For any business to reach heights of success, it is necessary to satisfy the needs of their clients because satisfied clients are the key to success. At our company, we not only work hard to make our clients feel satisfied with our work, but we make sure that they are the happiest when it comes to associating with us; be it through the purchase of our Geo Membrane Cover, LDPE Film, Construction Plastic Concrete, etc. or excellent client services like timely product delivery.
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